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"Build trust and deliver solutions"

My Story

The Author

Liz Best has written about a dozen nonfiction books that empower her readers to become more creative, inspired and confident risk-takers to enhance their personal and professional development skills.


The Publisher

As CEO of Best Writing & Consulting Services, Inc. her expertise serves as practical resources for aspiring and veteran writers.  With a keen literary eye for detail, she edits and  coaches clients from concept creation to publication.

The Trainer | The Speaker

Liz has a very diverse catalog of workshops and training modules from which many faith-based, nonprofit businesses, government agencies and organizations have benefitted. Her innate capacity to connect with her audiences not only leaves them educated, but motivated and inspired.


The Executive Coach

As a thought leader, Liz's portfolio includes a wealth of experience and knowledge to meet customers right where they are.  She embraces new opportunities and resources to coach executives and upper management regardless of industry.


As an Independent Correspondent Liz I. Best cultivated her writing skills profiling minority business owners and writing human interest articles for several print media.  Her 20 year career in Higher Education  and in the private business sector motivated her to launch her own business and later founded The Best Group, a support group for female business owners. 


She  holds a M.S. Degree from the University of Baltimore in Conflict Negotiation and Conflict Management and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Morgan State University in Business.  She is certified to train in several  industry areas to meet the needs of diverse clients.

"We strive to seek 
peace and  to pursue it."
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