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Liz I. Best founded Best Writing & Consulting Services (BWCS), Incorporated more than 25 years ago.  She helps clients to create content, gain confidence, improve their writing skills, meet and often exceed their writing goals.

She also provides consulting services, training and presentations for the business and faith-based industries.


As President, she also overseas diverse writing and publishing projects.   ​She is a published author of several non-fiction books and helps clients to do the same via executive coaching and consulting.  

Areas of expertise are consistent with her education,

experience and published work:

  • Conflict Management

  • Communications (oral and written)

  • College Student Retention

  • Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity

  • Human Capital, Small Business and Workforce Development training

  • Workplace Bullying


Liz has a graduate degree in Conflict Negotiations and Conflict Management from the University of Baltimore, a B.S. Degree from Morgan State University and professional certifications in other specialized areas.

What are clients saying?

Stand Up Meeting

"Liz is easy to work with and she explains why and how important it is for certain decisions to

be made for the greatest impact for your writing and other projects.  She is a thought leader whose expertise commands attention for repeat performances.

Her candor and sense of humor complement her personal integrity which  serve as

benchmarks for the tasks at hand.   She is very articulate and downloads strategies with 

relevant  information that exceeds your expectations."  

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