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Best Writing & Consulting Services, Inc. 

"We build trust and deliver solutions"

  • We edit, ghostwrite and polish your content  to echo your personal sentiments with impact.

  • We provide strategies to improve and manage your uncomfortable  workplace issues  such as bullying and conflict.

  • We provide human capital development training to refine and achieve your professional goals and objectives.

  • We help you to navigate obstacles and improve your self-confidence and your preferred lifestyle.

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Through  coaching, consulting and presentations, we can also help you to get your book published. 

"Life as I see it this morning!..." 

B. Poole

Love Letters 

"Bullying? This is so good,

I will try it when I return to work."

A. Sandiago

Palatable poetry and prose...that's brilliant!

T. Francois

"Thank you! I never thought I could write."

D. Jones

"I got your book and can't put it down.  On Wednesday, I will send you a check for five (5) copies of your book for my five nieces.  Would love for you to personalize the books and let them know I purchased this gift for them...I sincerely believe they will love this book as much as I am' can't wait to get to the end."

Dr. P. Jennings

Love Letters _edited_edited_edited_edite

Former Clients

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