Liz I. Best, is founder and CEO of Best Writing & Consulting Services (BWCS), Inc.  She is an  author of several non-fiction books.  She has assumed roles as an Independent Correspondent for several print  and  electronic media - radio and TV.  Some of her work was featured on CNN before she assumed the role as host for her own TV Talk Show.

       She  has a  Master of Science degree in Conflict Management and Conflict Negotiation from  the University of Baltimore and a Bachelor of Science degree  from Morgan State University. 

        BWCS Incorporated  strives to be transparent and encouraging.  We promote and maintain our integrity with open lines of communication and being flexible in meeting and mastering your needs.

       Our unique services include empowering and sensitizing our customers to our best practices in meeting their needs versus their wants.




BWCS, Inc. specialize in:

1. Writing, editing and book               publishing

2.  Executive Coaching and   


3.  Training- Professional

     and Small Business     

     Development  with emphasis       on conflict resolution,       

     workplace bullying and         

     cultural diversity.

     We provide  customers with  any of our "tried ans true" workshops that are listed on our Services page.  Specific emphasis is placed on: career changers, more effective communications (oral and written),  managing biases and conflict. 

"Our brand of services are provided by qualified, credentialed, and experienced consultants.


You may  contact Liz directly at

to capitalize on, and benefit

from the  services she and 

her associates provide. 



Our Mission

     Best Author Solutions is a unique entity of Best Writing & Consulting Services, Inc. designed exclusively for prospective and current authors who want to self-publish.   We will facilitate the structure, design/layout, editing and printing of your books with clear, efficient and expedient results within your designated time frame.  Most importantly, at affordable and competitive rates.  

         Prospective authors,  writers, and persons who know that they need writing assistance seek us out to get their writing goals accomplished.  We minimize the writer's block and stress.  We specialize in the transfer of information from our clients' heads to tangible and readable documents. 

         We require a mandatory two-hour consultation to assess your interests to craft and execute your writing investment.  Most importantly, we maximize our clients' non-verbal or inarticulate cues so they may comfortably transfer their thoughts to print. 

       Our clients learn the intricate and technical aspects of writing with a purpose from their initial writing project conception to publication, with ease and clarity.

      Our expectation is that clients independently decide whether their writing procrastination is worth stifling their productivity, promotion and/or earning capacity.    


Call us to schedule  your  "free half-hour" writing consultation:
Our  Objectives

 We complete projects on time and use integrity as our calling card for services.  We:


  • Create and provide succinct content for our clients.

  • Identify clients' needs and provide specific guidelines that produce positive tangible results.

  • Download expert knowledge, subject matter theory, and correct  Grammarwriting g protocols.

  • Effect positive change in clients' confidence so they can leverage options for successful writing projects.

  • Create and implement writing and publishing designs that are unique and specific to our clients' needs and wishes. 

  • Work diligently to bring clarity and timely feedback on projects. 

  • Work remotely and conveniently to minimize service fees.

  • Take calculated risks to ghostwrite, edit and format your content, expressions, and sentiments to make you shine as experts in your writing projects.

Please consider engaging us to empower you

and your organization to get your editing and writing issues completed right the first time.

We sensitize our clients  to  manage their  "implicit  or unconscious biases" which inhibit objective perspectives and stifle  their creativity.

Other Writing Services include: 
  • Book Summaries
  • Letters
  • PowerPoint Creations
  • Presentations
  •  Press Releases
  • Resumes
  • Speeches and
  • Website Content.

Some of Liz's Books

 Books  may be purchased  on this website or from

This book identifies different types of bullying in the workplace and provides solutions to prevent and stop it.

  This book is an empowering  quick and easy read.  It is filled with bite size invaluable information for graduating seniors or freshmen.

If writing in general or being  a self-published author of a book is a problem for you, this is the book for you.

This step-by-step resource guide helps college administrators and student mentors to monitor retention and academic excellence.

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