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 Welcome and thank you for stopping by!   Here's a peak into my work life:

         Approximately  twenty-five years ago, I was an Independent Correspondent for several local and national print media - newspapers and magazines where I interviewed and profiled minority business owners and wrote human interest articles.  

         I  also served as the managing editor of a national  consumer newsletter on Scams and Fraud which was featured on CNN and was asked to make a guest appearance.  That opportunity propelled my writing career and facilitated the birth of my business, Best Writing and Consulting Services, Inc.

        During my full-time career of 2 decades in higher education, I successfully created and administered the Project CARE mentoring program for first-year college students' academic success and retention.  Alumni and prominent community leaders served as mentors.  

        My experience was so rewarding that I later penned the college student retention book, "Embracing First-time Students" which more than 100 colleges/universities have purchased.  My book, "Scripted Just for You" was written after teaching writing skills at  two community colleges.  I later morphed into a repeat transformational facilitator role on workplace bullying. 

         I look forward to helping  YOU in reaching your writing goals. Please call me so that I may share the gifts which God has granted me.  

Love Letters 

Liz I. Best, CEO 

"Life as I see it this morning!..." 

B. Poole

"Bullying? This is so good,

I will try it when I return to work."

A. Sandiago

Palatable poetry and prose...that's brilliant!

T. Francois

"I got your book and can't put it down.  On Wednesday, I will send you a check for five (5) copies of your book for my five nieces.  Would love for you to personalize the books and let them know I purchased this gift for them...I sincerely believe they will love this book as much as I am' can't wait to get to the end."

Dr. P. Jennings

Love Letters _edited_edited_edited_edite

"Thank you! I never thought I could write."

D. Jones


Former Clients

Where Governments Come To Train_edited.jpg

"We build trust and deliver solutions."

Best Writing & Consulting Services (BWCS), Inc.


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